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Keep an eye on aging family members

One of the hardest decisions we all face in our adult lives is how to take care of our parents when they reach their elderly years. Many families are faced with the tough choice of allowing an elderly person to remain independent or placing him or her into an assisted living facility. Many elderly fight leaving their home and the familiarity of the life they’ve built around it, but you worry about their safety. I’m going to tell you how you can use CCTV to protect your loved ones.

Discreet Home Surveillance

You see, video surveillance systems aren’t just made up of the boxy video cameras you see on the streets outside of buildings monitoring foot traffic and parking lots. They also aren’t just the dome cameras you might see inside a commercial building or a casino. Video surveillance can include discreet cameras designed to be out of sight and out of mind so your loved one won’t mind be reminded that you’re keeping an eye on them in their home.

The concept of placing your elderly loved one under video surveillance might seem a bit rash, as if “big brother” were watching. However, nothing could be further from the truth and utilizing CCTV to keep your family safe gives you what you both want. Being able to “check in” on your relative whenever necessary gives you peace of mind and allows them to keep some semblance of normalcy by staying in their own home rather than being forced to live in a retirement or convalescent home. Let me give you some scenarios where a CCTV camera system is beneficial in keeping your elderly safe.

Alzheimer’s & Dementia Sufferers

Assume for the moment – and I genuinely hope this is an assumption and not a reality – that your elderly relative suffers from Alzheimer’s disease or its related dementia. These illnesses are  unfortunately very common among America’s aging population and are very frightening for both the ill and their caretakers alike.

When an elderly person begins to lose his or her mental faculties, they become a danger to themselves and require vigilant monitoring. Oftentimes, a person suffering from Alzheimer’s or dementia will leave things on, such as the burners on their stove. Worse, those suffering from compromised mental capacity have been known to leave their home and simply wander about, placing themselves in extreme danger.

Keep Them Safe From Criminals

Another issue facing our elderly is the safety of their home within their respective neighborhood. Many elderly are victims of theft, because burglars are aware that the home is only occupied by an elderly person making it an easy target. The elderly might also answer the door when a dangerous person is lurking on the other side, making them a target of abuse or worse.

Speaking of abuse, perhaps you are thinking your elderly person does not need to be under CCTV protection because they have hospice care that either visits them regularly or lives with them. Think again. Elderly abuse is an epidemic in America, with one out of 10 elderly people abused each year. Unfortunately, hospice care workers have been known to be the worst offenders. Even if your elderly person is under permanent care, it behooves you to ensure that the caretaker is not an taking advantage of your relative’s situation.

These are just some reasons why placing your elderly person under video surveillance is not “big brother”, it’s actually a smart move for the both of you. You can install network/IP cameras discreetly throughout their home to ensure everything is as it should be and outdoor cameras around the perimeter of the property to ensure that no one is lurking about and that their home is secure. These cameras can feed wirelessly to a network DVR system in your own home, so you’ll have access to check in on your loved one at any time to ensure he or she is doing just fine from any Internet-enabled device.

I understand the reticence behind installing surveillance equipment in somebody’s home. Popular culture teaches us that being under surveillance is a very bad thing. If you are worried about a close, aging relative in your life and that person digs his or her heels in and refuses to leave his or her home, you need a solution that will appease both of your needs and CCTV is the perfect solution. With the proper video surveillance system, you can both be sure that your elderly loved one is protected at all times!